When is the Next Meteor Shower?

The next meteor shower we will discuss on MeteorBlog.com will be the Quadrantids Meteor Shower of January 2009. MeteorBlog.com is your online interactive meteor shower calendar. Bookmark our site and check with us often as the site will be frequently updated giving you information and facts about all meteor showers throughout the year. You can visit our Meteor Shower Viewing tips page and our Meteor Shower Glossary and Terms page to learn some interesting meteor facts. You can also post your comments and questions. If you’ve seen a meteor or fireball in the sky be sure to post that too. You may find that people in your area are looking to see if anyone else saw the same event.

My next post will be on January 1, 2009 where I will kick off the new year with my first post about a really strong meteor shower called the Quadrantids!

Happy New Year! Keep Your Head Up!

– Meteor Mark

4 thoughts on “When is the Next Meteor Shower?

  1. As I drove to work tonight, I had quite a treat, observing a meteorite fall above Central Illinois. It was the largest show I’ve ever witnessed. Long orange spark tail, glowing white hot chunk with green aura, literally falling like a rock. Where can I find other info about this particular event?

  2. Carol,

    I would visit the “Meteor Glossary” on this site. I think you have to brush up on your “meteor/meteorite” differentiation skills. There are millions of meteoroids that enter our atmosphere daily and most go unreported.

    Thanks for your comment.

    – Meteor Mark

  3. I would agree with Carol…I believe I saw the same thing…a big fireball of green and it lit up the sky like I have never seen before. I was so scared I thought it was going to destroy something due to the fact it came to this Earth so fast and literally came in so low! It was definitely something I am going to remember for the rest of my days. I definitely know it was between the hours of 830p-1030p on one night just a couple weeks ago! Thanks for letting me put my two sense in!

  4. Pete,

    You’re welcome! Bookmark the site and I will let you know when the next meteor shower is.

    Meteor Mark