Aug 24

Meteor Shower FAQ

One of the most common questions I’m asked about meteor showers is, “When is the best time to look?” The answer is generally in the morning. The time to see meteors is misunderstood by most people. Meteor gazers commonly assume that a meteor shower is best seen at night when in fact most of the time they are really morning events and best seen before dawn and after midnight. Now for the second most frequently asked question, “Meteor Mark, you said the best date to see this meteor shower is Tuesday November 17th, what time should I look on Tuesday night?” My answer would most likely be, “Please don’t look Tuesday night, look in the morning on Tuesday after 12:01 AM before dawn because you will have missed the peak if you look Tuesday night!” If you still need convincing or want more enlightenment, here is more information – When to Look.

Depending on your time zone this may or may not always be the case, but for the most part it is generally applicable. Astronomers and scientists use Universal Time (UT) as a standard measure of time. You can visit the Meteor Glossary for a further description of Universal Time (UT) and use the clock below so you can view in the morning on the date closest to the peak.

The current Universal Time is:

I hope this saves you from missing a meteor shower. I’m always eager to help new and old meteor enthusiasts. Meteor hunting is fun for people of all ages and to me it’s one of nature’s finest occurrences.

Keep your head up.

– Meteor Mark