The Orionids Meteor Shower of 2008 is Underway

The show is happening in the northwestern skies since October 14th. Meteors habitually arrive in clusters and flow upon their radiant. When viewing the Orionids you can anticipate seeing about three meteors every ten minutes. So the question is, “where to look?” Look for the constellation Orion that rises in the sky after 10:30 PM whilst best viewing periods for the meteor shower are just before dawn as soon as the Earth is facing into the meteor stream. Orion is best recognized for the hero’s mighty belt, which is made up of three stars and a sword hanging from it. The blade is composed of a spectacular entity known as the Orion Nebula.

Even though the moon will be bright in the sky, you will still be able to see the larger brighter meteors. When viewing meteor showers there is no need for telescopes or binoculars, merely dress warmly and take a seat in a reclining chair and gaze at one of our Earth’s simple wonders.

One thought on “The Orionids Meteor Shower of 2008 is Underway

  1. Hello All,

    I will be observing after midnight tonight. This will be the last of the heavy activity for this year’s Orionids Meteor Shower and that’s and the bad news. The good news is they will be sporadically observable for those that missed them at their finest until early next month.

    More good news, I will be giving everyone more knowledge and news of next month’s meteor shower. I would like to thank everyone who visited the site and hoped they found it educational, enlightening and fun. Let’s not forget to thank the Orionids! Please bookmark this page there is more to come…

    Meteor Mark
    “Keep Your Head Up”