Orionids Meteor Shower of 2008 Has a Sidekick

The Meteor Shower the ε-Geminids is taking place alongside the Orionids Meteor Shower of 2008 as it does every year. The ε-Geminids are scheduled to peak on October 18th however they have already started their display on October 14th. The ε-Geminids is considered a minor meteor shower because it does not produce the brightest results as other meteor showers do. This meteor shower will emanate from the constellation Gemini so when you are viewing the Orionids in the early stages you will notice the apparent source of the meteors coming from a different point in the sky. So when you are looking up into the sky, you may be watching a meteor from the ε-Geminids instead, will you be able to tell the difference? Unfortunately both showers fall within a period where the moon is bright in the sky. Best of luck and report your fireballs to us here!

You can view an article on the Orionids Meteor Shower of 2008 by following the link.

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  1. Leo Minorids
    The Leo Minorids Meteor Shower should be active as well as the Orionids. The constellation Leo the Lion will only rise into the midnight sky. This is a minor meteor storm so you may not witness the beautiful streaks like Orionids. Your task is to try to see where the meteors originate. This will help you distinguish whether or not you’ve seen a Leo Minorid or an Orionid. The Leo Minorids might be viewable on their peak date that is set for October 24, 2008. The problem is it may only be a few per hour. This meteor shower is most likely not going to provide you with much activity.