November Meteor Shower Schedule

There are five meteor showers in November. The strongest meteor shower will probably be the Leonids. The Leonids Meteor Shower starts on November 10th and continues until November 23rd. I’m uncertain about the Leonids this year, I’m hoping, and I’d like to emphasize, “hoping” that this year will produce decent results.

I wanted to put this quick meteor shower schedule up on the site as soon as possible. I will be flying to Europe on November 1st and will be viewing all of this month’s meteor showers, especially the Leonids, from an observatory in the southwest of England. Please note that the Leonids will be strongest in the morning of November 17th.

I promise to post more about the Leonids on the site when I land safely in England.  In the meantime keep your head up!

– Meteor Mark
P.S. I hear the have good coffee where I’m going…

Meteor Shower Start Maximum End ZHR
Southern Taurids Sep 25 Nov 5 Nov 25 5+
Nothern Taurids Sep 25 Nov 12 Nov 25 5+
Leonids Nov 10 Nov 17 Nov 23 20+
α-Monocerotids Nov 15 Nov 21 Nov 21 Low
Phoenicids Nov 28 Dec 6 Dec 9 Low

36 thoughts on “November Meteor Shower Schedule

  1. Go outside right now—Nov. 2—last night I saw a shooting star by just glancing up as I walked my dog. Tonight, taking a chance, I looked up again, around 7:25 and saw the most spectacular “shooting star” that I’ve ever seen. A tail from the horizon, up up up. It looked like a rocket launch—w/sparks falling away—before it burned out at its zenith. At 47-years-old I’ve seen a few starry sights in my nights, but nothing like this. So maybe the Leonids are starting early?

  2. I am trying to find out when to look for the North Taurids and in which direction

  3. Bill,

    The Northern Taurids isn’t a major meteor shower so please don’t expect to much activity. Look toward the constellation Orion because Taurus is within its vicinity. The most notable part of Taurus is the Pleiades which is a cluster of stars. Taurid Meteors generally will streak across the sky anywhere. I would suggest looking in the dark morning hours. The Leonids this month will hopefully be a better meteor shower.

    Keep your head up.


    Thanks for the comment, the Leonids starts November 10th. Not all meteors are associated with a meteor shower. It sounds like you saw a fireball, however without seeing it myself, my best guess is that it was from the Taurids Meteor Shower. Remember, like I said earlier not all meteors/fireballs are associated with a meteor shower. You can search my site for fireballs and sporadic meteors.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark
    P.S. I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I’m in the middle of a move and have little or no internet access.

  4. Reporting small meteor showers in Shelby County (South-Central) Illinois. Last night at about 10pm on 11/6 to the northern sky and once again tonight at 6pm on 11/07 to the eastern sky. there was a very large piece of fire in the sky tonight mixed in with small ones which could have made it to the ground?

  5. Sunday Nov. 7th, I took my grandson to the park in New Orleans. We took a long walk around the lagoons where the ducks flock. He was looking for some rocks to throw in the water and showed me this black burnt rock with a lot of melted holes. It was heavy for it’s size. I told him to keep it because I believe it is a meteorite. I would like to send you pictures. There is melted streak that looks like melted rock. I think recently fell there because many people play there an would have been scooped up quickly.

  6. Hey Mark,

    Quick question: Is seeing the Leonids Meteor shower (Nov 17th/18th) worth it this year (I’m in Southern California and plan to go out to Joshua Tree National Park to see the show)?

    I ask because I made a trek out for the August shower and was underwhelmed, especially compared to other showers I’ve seen. I’d like a different experience this time around.

    Also, any thoughts on the December shower? I’m just trying to allocate my time (and money) as efficiently as possible.

    Thanks in advance for your insight!

    Bill F.

    p.s. When we say the 17th/18th, do we mean 11:59 PM on the 17th and then roll right into the 18th? Just wanted to clarify.

  7. Thanks I will keep this in mind. I was just wondering about the taurids because this meteor shower kept flashing on my Davis Insturments Weather consol and I was wondering about it.

  8. Hey Mark, I’ve been a huge fan of meteors/shooting stars for years now to the point where I’m always looking at the sky (even when at a party or driving :/) hoping to catch something (i’ve been very lucky). Recently, I drove six hours to get out of a storm covering long island just to see the Perseids this year (definitely worth it!). I forget what website I used to figure out where the closest clear sky would be, but was wondering if you had any recommendations as to how to figure out where the least cloud coverage will be for the upcoming shower. Is there a website that could help me with this? The one I used seemed to work but I can’t find it again! Total bummer because it looks like there’s supposed to be another storm around the 17th hitting long island but I’m thinking of driving upstate again. Thanks in advance! Hope youre enjoying your trip! (and the coffee).

  9. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Late afternoon we saw a series of comets in the western sky I think the direction is right. We saw them with long tails, and the heads of them getting brighter, pretty cool. I know the leonids start the 10, but this was an early show. The whole neighborhood was out watching. You didn’t even need a telescope, u could see them the the naked eye. I counted about 20.

  10. Just came in-saw five shooting stars tonight! Getting ready to go watch some more

  11. I observed two meteors tonight between 8 and 10 PM in Western North Carolina. I thought that Leonids are getting off to an early start. They were just over the horizon and nice sizes. The moon is not full this early so hopefully I will see some while walking the dogs.

    Happy birthday, Carl Sagan

  12. Brian,

    It is possible, however most meteors burn up high in the atmosphere. Only the largest fireballs make it to the Earth and become meteorites.

    – Meteor Mark

  13. Albert,

    My focus is on meteors and meteor showers, I wouldn’t know much about a meteorite. My best advice is see if it’s magnetic and then pursue it further.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  14. Bill F.

    I will be posting a whole new blog post and plan to answer all of your questions there. In the meantime, please review the glossary on my site and my definition of “midnight.” I think it will help you. The glossary and meteor shower viewing page is located in the upper right hand corner of this site.

    – Meteor Mark

  15. Elizabeth,

    My best guess is that’s what I use. Thanks for the kind words and keep your head up! The Leonids and Geminids are coming!

    – Meteor Mark

  16. Kathy,

    Yes, it could be an early show, but not all fireballs and meteors are part of meteor showers. Please review the glossary on this site in the upper right hand corner. The definition of comets vs. meteors vs. fireballs may enlighten you. I hope you enjoy it!

    – Meteor Mark

  17. Chip,

    I’m happy, I wish I could see some, it’s been cloudy here!

    – Meteor Mark

  18. Kelly,

    I’ve heard the Leonids could have started the 8th. This year we don’t know if the shower will be strong or weak, keep on looking and keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  19. Saw 4 decent trails last night (11/9) moving east to west in central South Carolina right after midnight ….early Leonids?

  20. well tonight i was lucky! went out in the back yard facing north and saw a nice yellow fireball fall, approx time here in hanover pa was 8:10 pm keeping my eye on the sky.

  21. NE PA in the Poconos and at 10p I am seeing many leonids…. looking great out there – 347

  22. Craig,

    Yes, possibly.

    Ron & Kathryn,

    Thanks, don’t forget to look in the morning too.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  23. Meteor,

    That largest fireball i had seen that night was still going strong when it hit the tree line or tree tops. The small ones burned up quickly. For the record i use weather underground otherwise known as and have used this site since 2004. What do you think of that new show meteoritemen (sp?) lol. Please excuse me i’m just dead tired been up all night.

  24. Hi Mark,
    I was in Beckley, WV tuesday night and saw a large fireball with a blueish glow with a large tail go down in a residentail area on the west side of town. I was shocked by how bright it was with all the nearby street lights and the thought that it may have hit the ground.

  25. Brian,

    Thanks! I’m not crazy about the show, but I like the concept. The hosts are a little goofy, but they know a lot about what they’re doing and are talented meteorite collectors.


    Meteors/fireballs always seems so close, but in fact a lot of them burn up 60 miles high in the atmosphere. Only the largest fireballs become meteorites and when the do reach Earth they are very small.

    – Meteor Mark

  26. it possible I saw the North Taurids last night, 11/11/10?

    I saw first 2, then 3, then 4 and then a 5th further away all in about 5-8 min around 5:15pm near Baltimore, MD. Seems like the time would be too early to see these, but they were pinkish-white and looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I thought they were missiles (paranoid much?) They seemd to all be converging towards each other and sideways and downwards except the fifth that was further away and seemed to be coming straight ahead. And then they were gone. Were these meteors? My friends all think I am crazy. And I am going crazy trying to figure out what I saw!

  27. Bettiep,

    We’ll see if anyone else in Baltimore saw the same thing. You could have seen a meteor from any of the showers occurring now. Just a note, not all meteors or fireballs have to be related to a meteor shower. Without being there to witness them, it would be hard for me to give you accurate information. I wish I could…keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  28. northeast PA, saw a small fireball zipping through the sky! it was very low and watched it for a couple seconds! coolest thing i’ve seen in awhile!

  29. Northeast PA, Saw a big fireball from coming from east to west in the sky, what a sight, a big trail of fire… what a sight..skizz must have seen the same thing as I did! It was appox 830 pm. I enjoy stargazing and it was a great night for that, not a cloud in the sky!

  30. Hi Mark,
    I found your blog today while searching for info on something I saw last night (Nov.13 at approx. 11:10pm). I am an amateur skywatcher at best. I can point out the Big Dipper, but after that I’m done. I’ve seen my share of shooting stars and even a couple fireballs over the years, but last night was something new to me. It was big, it was bright and it was fast. The only way I can think to describe it would be as a “radioactive football”. I say that because it appeared oblong in shape and was bluish-green in color. (More green than blue). It lasted no more than a second or two, and it was gone over the tree line. It flew from west to east. I live in Central New Jersey and was facing south when I saw it. Do you think this could be part of the Leonids? Your opinion and input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  31. i saw a metor on friday the 12th of november it was going south to southeast around 10 oclock at night.this was the first ive seen in my life it was preaty cool ! i hope i see another one soon. i live in central il far away from any city lights so the sky was open wide.

  32. Hi everyone,

    I’m eleven and I live in Minnesota. what direction do I look in the sky to see the meteor showers, and will I be able to see them? Do I really have to stay up until midnight?

    thanks, madeline

  33. I have seen several ‘shooting stars’ recently but tonight I was lucky enough to witness my second meteor falling from the sky, the first some years ago. It’s decent was so fast leaving a smoke trail behind it.
    I’m presently off North West Australia conducting seismic surveys so it’s very dark save for the full moon.
    A pleasant end to a mundane day……better wear my plastic hard hat from now on!

  34. Last night (Nov. 23rd) driving home I didn’t believe my eyes — a fireball, or meteor (haven’t looked up the difference yet) seemingly so close, looking just like the embroidery one on the Bayeux Tapestry. In a lifetime (I’m 76) of futile looking for even one shooting star, this was AMAZING. Big BIG round head, yellow, with a long trail of white, flashing across the sky but not so quickly that it blurred. It was clear. I saw it; but then thought I’d somehow imagined it, until I found this website, and the evidence that it undoubtedly was part of a meteor shower. Thanks for being here, I give thanks for having seen it, Thanksgiving!