November 2008 Meteor Shower Information

November 2008 should be full of activity for Meteor Showers. There are four meteor showers happening in our skies.  Be on the look out for major activity from the Leonids Meteor Shower.

Meteor Shower

Maximum Date

Southern Taurids

November 5

Northern Taurids

November 12


November 17

Alpha Monocerotids

November 21

The Southern and Northern Taurids are active right now and will remain full of zip until November 25. The Taurids are set climax following months of activity on November 5th and November 12th respectively. The highly celebrated Leonids initiate their display November 10 with a maximum viewing date of November 17th and will produce over twenty meteors per hour. The minor meteor shower the α-Monocerotids begin their show November 21 with a listed peak date of November 21st.

46 thoughts on “November 2008 Meteor Shower Information

  1. Thank you for the information! I too will see you later in the month and next month.

  2. I saw a few tonight in the sky in Dallas, Texas. I came home to look up the info.

  3. Toan Tran,

    Be on the look out for Leonids peaking November 17th.

    Thanks for the comment,

    Hope you learned from the site and hope to see you next month.

    Best regards,

    Meteor Mark

  4. Kalyb,

    It has not yet been determined if it hit Earth yet, I will keep you posted.

    – Meteor Mark

  5. Friday night Nov. 21 approx 8 PM I had the biggest meteroite I have ever seen. It was closer than I have ever seen one. I am in the Colony Texas which is north Texas but I have not heard anything about this one. Any ideas or reports of anyone else seeing it?

  6. Gary,

    I haven’t heard of anything specific in Texas on Friday.

    Thanks for the comment, I hope someone saw it too.

    Check the meteor glossary in the top right corner of this site for clarification of meteorite v. meteor.

    The difference between the two is sort of interesting at least for a geek scientist like me, that is.

    Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  7. Thanks mark, I am green and will read on differences on comets, meteorties and meteors.

  8. Hi Gary

    I saw it too!!! It was huge. I live in Keller, Texas, and was driving home heading north. It was bright and changed colors (blue, orange, etc.). It was amazing.

  9. Gary,

    I saw it too from Dallas, it was the biggest thing I have ever seen falling the sky, just happend to look up at the right time.


  10. Gary,

    Your welcome. I thought the definition of “meteor” was kind of cool. When I first started, I didn’t think of a meteor as the way it is described.

    AND…Gerri and Patrick thanks for your comments.

    – Meteor Mark

  11. I saw the one over Dallas as well. I was driving through Midlothian(just south of Metroplex) on Hwy 67 heading North. I somehow have a knack for looking up at the right time I guess, because I see a lot of meteors. This one, however, was the largest i’ve ever seen. It was very bright and full, and pretty much stretched the entire length of the sky. I was actually kind of freaked out by the size of it; not to mention the fact that it looked as though it would hit the ground. At what seemed very low altitude, it sort of broke apart and had a few streamers run out of it.


  12. I saw it Friday over Dallas also. It was coming from South to North and burned up right over the DFW airport property just east of 360. It’s final color was green and it lit up the entire area. I guessed it burned up at around just a few hundred feet off the ground.

    Biggest, brightest, and closest I have ever been to one.

  13. I saw the largest meteor Friday November 21st. I was looking South and just happen to see the fireball as it streaked across the sky. I live in Coffeyville , Kansas (one hour north of Tulsa, Oklahoma) and was at an event outside and could not believe what I saw. Nobody else saw that one , but other people said they saw meteors that night. Maybe this is the same one that the people from Dallas saw.

  14. A friend and I had a great view of the Dallas meteor on Friday, Nov 21! We were driving northbound on Old Settlers Rd in Flower Mound when it streaked across the sky in front of us. It was glowing bright blue, traveling east-to-west, and looked to be only a few hundred feet up. It appeared to burn up just northwest of Flower Mound High School.

    I was looking for info on it when I found this site.

  15. I saw the meteor from Dallas, too. I was driving north on Central Expressway in Richardson Friday night. I think it was about 8 pm. Ahead of me, I saw a huge burning light flying across the sky over Richardson, to the west of Central Expressway. At first I thought it was an airplane that had exploded, but then it just vanished, just like a shooting star suddenly vanishes. I scanned the radio to see if anyone called in about it (no one did). Then I watched the 10 pm news, but it wasn’t mentioned. All weekend I wondered about it. Then this morning I saw a news story on Good Morning America about the giant meteor over Canada. I searched the internet to see if any other people in Texas saw it and I found this website.

  16. Hello Meteor Gazers,

    I just felt the need to express that the fireball you saw over Dallas is a different event from the massive fireball in Canada.

    Both are special and rare so consider yourself lucky to have viewed such beautiful event.

    Thanks for all the comments, keep them coming and bookmark the site, there will be a few good meteor events next month. I will be posting the best times to catch a glimpse on the site soon.

    – Keep Your Head Up!

  17. My husband and I saw the meteor on Friday night too! We were in Grapevine around 8PM. It was an AWESOME sight!

  18. Meteor Mark,

    Did we see a meteor or was it a fireball last Friday, Nov 21 around 8PM?

    Many thanks!

  19. JMR,

    Fireballs are really bright meteors. If it appeared much brighter than a normal meteor, then you could classify it as a fireball.

    Fireballs have an apparent visual magnitude of -4 mag. or brighter. The moon has -12.6 apparent visual magnitude and the brightest star in the sky is -1.5.

    I am not sure how bright your meteor was to classify it.

    Meteor Mark

  20. Mark,

    To me it looked like fire and was extremely bright and had a long tail on it. From your description I would think it was a fireball.

  21. November 21 Meteor Shower. We were in Granbury (30 miles south of Fort Worth) around 8p.m. walking in to Kroger when we saw it. We weren’t really sure what it was at first and saw nothing of it on the news that night. It was big and beautiful, although we were a bit scared at first, it was amazing. I haven’t found anything on it until today. Thanks for the info.

  22. Hey —

    did you see the 10 o’clock news last night? Mr. Millls of Saucier found a meteorite in his back yard……..still hot…dug a 2 1/2 foot hole straight down into the earth………….I thought of you…………
    I’m the one who talked to you so extensive about what my uncle and I saw in Mississippi… Thur night around 6:30…

    My friend sent me this email about what she saw on the news Monday night…!!! It dont say when it occured… but I just bet it was Thur night I looked up Mr Mills in the phone book and tried to call him… he lives about 5 miles east of where we were when we saw what we saw… but we were looking west so it couldnt have been the same one…!!!

  23. Regenia,

    That is awesome! Let’s do an interview and I will post it on the site! That is too cool!

    – Meteor Mark

  24. I saw the meteor over the Dallas area on Nov 21st. We were traveling west on 635-LBJ freeway and we were in the Coppell area just east of DFW airport. At about 5 minutes until 8:00pm we saw the huge meteor. It was North of 635 traveling east to west. It seemed to be very close to the ground. But we never saw it strike the ground. It was the largest meteor we have ever seen. It was big round and blue with a orange tail and had a slight outline all the way around it that was yellow-orange. We turned on the radio and later watched the TV news and were surprised that we heard nothing about it. We were so close to DFW airport that when we first saw it, for a split second, we thought it was an airplane going down. Then we realized what it really was. I was just on the web looking to see if I could find any info on what we saw and found your site. I’m glad to know others saw it too.

  25. Terry T,

    AWESOME! Bookmark us and I will let you know when more are coming, next month could be good!

    Meteor Mark

  26. I am a beginning stargazer with my 10-year old daughter fascinated with it all. We were outside in Massachusetts tonight identifying Andromeda when we saw what we think was a single meteor shooting across the sky. This was a big one (I suppose any meteor will look big to me). I checked a number of sites and tonight did not seem like a very active night for meteors. Does anyone know what we might have seen?


  27. Tony,

    Can you remember where the meteors backward path traced to? Did it trace backward to a specific constellation? It may have been one of the many sporadic meteors that are seen in our night sky not associated with any shower.

    Please give me some more information and I will try to help you.

    An unrelated meteor night sky viewing marvel is Venus and Jupiter present on the southwestern horizon at 5:00 until about 6:30 PM EST on Saturday you can see both with the naked eye and even better with some binoculars or a telescope.

    Keep your head up and give me more information on that meteor you saw! Sounds cool!

    – Meteor Mark

  28. Hi Mark. I believe we were pretty much looking at Andromeda (we are pretty sure it was Andromeda we were looking at) and it pretty much tracked across Andromeda from right to left. It was much larger than your typical night star and disappeared over the horizon on my left. It definitely was not a plane because it sped very quickly across the sky. My daughter barely saw it at the end.

    Tonight, we were actually looking for Venus and Jupiter because I knew they were viewable and swore I saw them at around 5:30 tonight. We looked for them at around 9:30pm tonight but they were not there. So you’re saying they are only visible for a few hours? Very bright, especially the lower one I think. I believe they would have been either behind us or to the right of of us if it were 5:30pm EST. Not sure if this is at all helpful.

  29. Tony,

    I am in Connecticut so our skies are somewhat similar.

    Your information may have given me a clue to the meteor you saw. Keep in mind this is not 100% but a decent guess. It may have been a meteor from the Monocerotids meteor shower that started November 27th. This is a minor shower so activity is somewhat minimal. The constellation Monoceros (the Unicorn) is a very faint constellation flanking the constellation Orion on the east.

    Have you checked my glossary in the upper right hand corner? Meteors are commonly known as “shooting stars” they are not stars but something more interesting, at least to me…

    The planets Jupiter and Venus actually rise and set in our sky, so yes they are only visible for a few hours. Jupiter above and Venus below, a cool fact about viewing the planets and watch for the difference: it is stars twinkle and planets shine. You’ll see what I mean on Saturday. You won’t be able to miss Venus and Jupiter they’re really bright, basically screaming, “I am here look at me!”

    Hope this helps, bookmark the site and check us out next month for a complete meteor shower viewing schedule, there might be some awesome activity!

    – Meteor Mark

  30. I live in South Louisiana and just saw something falling from the sky. I am not sure if it was a meteor or a falling star. It happened around 8:35. Any information would greatly be appreciated on what it was I saw.

  31. Celeste,

    Meteors and shooting stars are the same thing. Please review the Glossary in the upper right hand corning for a definition of meteor as well as other terms.

    The Monocerotids Meteor Shower is occurring right now. Bookmark the site and look for information regarding monthly meteor shower activity.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  32. I live in east Texas (100 miles north of Houston) and also saw what I thought was a meteorite on the night of November 21st but didn’t hear anything about it on the news. Then saw something again on Tuesday the 25th around 11:00 pm that looked the same. Very large and low altitude, looked like it it in a pasture next to the highway I was driving along. Amazing site. Would these have been from the Monocerotids? Any thoughts?

    It took me this long to find a website where this has been discussed!


  33. Kelly,

    Without knowing the path trajectory or seeing it myself, it is really hard to tell.

    All four showers could have been active during that time.

    The Monocerotids seem to have a radiant of the Constellation Monoceros “The Unicorn” which is near Orion.

    You could assume they were from that shower or they were just Sporadic Meteors not associated with any shower.

    I wish I could be more helpful.

    – Keep Your Head Up

    Meteor Mark

  34. Hey Celeste,
    was the one you saw on the 24th or was it on the 30th, if it was on the 30th, I think I saw the same thing, I haven’t seen anything about it yet. I live in Kansas, and saw it while I was driving back home from oklahoma after Thanksgiving.
    It was really bright green then turned red. and was low to the ground. I think it was in the northwest.

  35. no I am sorry I got my directions wrong I was on a back road home and was heading west at the time, so it was in the south west.

  36. I was leaving Dallas going North to Oklahoma with my wife on 11/30/2008 in the evening around 08:35pm & seen something in the sky, it did look bluish green headed downward. We haven’t heard anything posted anywhere yet.

  37. I was on I-20 at Weatherford, Tx. on my way back from my ranch on 11/30/2008 and saw a bright one. When I got home, I was viewing the pictures from my GameCam and caught what appears to be a meteorite streaking across behind a doe at my deer feeder. The Cam dated the picture 11/26/2008 @ 5:58 PM.

  38. I was out in my back yard 1/9/2009 about 9pm and saw a very bright light in the western sky over fort worth texas. It was a bright ball but it did not have a tail. It disappeared after several minutes and I did not get to see where it went because I had to go in my house. I haven’t seen anything posted about it and wanted to know if anyone else saw it too.

  39. Dee Dee,

    This was not a meteor, it was the planet Venus on the western horizon.

    Keep your head up!

    Meteor Mark

  40. January 18-19, 2009 DFW TX

    We are also seeing a very bright object in the western sky. Is this Venus? We can’t ever remember seeing Venus or any planet or star as bright as last night and tonight.

    Peace Love Stardove

  41. Stardove,

    Yes it is Venus. Just above it is Uranus and the Constellation Pisces. All three can be seen in the western sky just before dusk and shortly after.

    – Meteor Mark

  42. Thank you Mark. Hubby says even in the Navy in the middle of an ocean he doesn’t remember any object this bright. Me either. Not that I was ever in the Navy.

    Peace Love Stardove

  43. Saw a large meteor in the North over Perth Australia at 7pm local time last night very bright and “smoke” was visible as it burnt up.