Next Meteor Shower May Come Soon

May Meteor Shower

May Meteor Shower

The Next Meteor Shower of 2009 is the π-Puppids, but the next shower of interest is the η-Aquarids Meteor Shower. MeteorBlog will be covering the η-Aquarids in detail so bookmark the site and check back with us May 1st or sooner.

π-Puppids Meteor Shower
Start Date: April 15
Peak Date: April 23
End Date: April 28

η-Aquarids Meteor Shower
Start Date: April 19
Peak Date: May 6
End Date: May 28

You can still catch some Lyrids Meteors in the morning of April 23rd, but a massive meteor display is coming in May of 2009. We will be especially focusing on the η-Aquarids Meteor Shower because we feel it will produce the best viewing results for the month of May. Bookmark the site for meteor facts and updates.

-Meteor Mark

2 thoughts on “Next Meteor Shower May Come Soon

  1. Im so excited a found 2 shards of a meteorite and i looked at it under the microscope and it had tiny crystals on the surface..

  2. How are conditions in London now and in Hamburg from 6th of May on. I will be in Germany han for one week