Meteor Shower The γ-Normids Peaks March 13th

Waning Gibbous Moon

Waning Gibbous Moon

The Gamma Normids Meteor Shower (γ-Normids GNO) peaks in the morning of March 13th. This shower will produce minimal results because the Moon will be in the waning gibbous phase meaning almost 95% of a full moon will be present in the sky. The Moon and man-made light in the sky usually degrade from the amount of meteors one can see in an hour. The γ-Normids usually produce about five meteors per hour during their peak time while being observed in the best conditions. This year the conditions are far from adequate, I would simply classify them as poor. I wouldn’t waste much time observing this shower, but if you felt the need to go out and look, you never know, you may see some meteors. Please bookmark the site and keep your sights set on the April Meteor Shower, the Lyrids, which will have a few things going for it such as a crescent moon and a higher density of meteors in it’s stream. Viewers can expect up to twenty meteors an hour and sometimes more for this shower, the Lyrids of April 2009 will be the start of a better second quarter of meteor viewing. I will be writing more about this shower in the next couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “Meteor Shower The γ-Normids Peaks March 13th

  1. at 9:13pm 3-12-2009 I saw a meteor. It was in the wnw sky. i live in daytona beach, fl. it seemed lare and the trail before burning up was very long, then out like a match

  2. At about 6:11 am eastern I saw a huge blast of light streak from east to west at a southwesterly location 45 degrees facing west in Cape Coral, Fl. As I looked at the moon the flash appeared “south” of the moon. It was followed by a bright Red/Yellow “spark” trail which left behind a wide “contrail” (smoke). Seemed very large.

  3. Dan & David,

    Thank you for your comments. It is hard to tell if these were part of the Gamma Normids or just sporadic meteors (or fireballs).

    – Meteor Mark