Meteor Shower Silence Until Orion Screams

MeteorThe next couple of months are a slow time for meteor shower viewing even though there are several occurring. In October the Orionids Meteor Shower is always a welcome treat after the doldrums of September, but even the Orionids doesn’t peak until late October.

Below is a table detailing the schedule of meteor shower occurrences starting in September:

Meteor Shower Start Maximum End ZHR
α-Aurigids Aug 25 Sep 1 Sep 8 5
September Perseids Sep 5 Sep 9 Sep 17 6
δ-Aurigids Sep 18 Sep 29 Oct 10 2
Southern Taurids Sep 25 Nov 5 Nov 25 6

Even though there isn’t much activity at this time of year, the above table highlights several minor meteor showers that we can enjoy. This is the time for the more seasoned and avid meteor shower gazer, because the activity won’t be as dazzling as the Perseids or some of the other strong events during the year. Most notably commencing this month is the Southern Taurids Meteor Shower. The Southern Taurids will be responsible for most of the sporadic fireballs that we can witness between now until the end of November. Just remember that under any dark sky on any given day a person can see about five meteors if conditions are optimal.

I will be keeping you posted with all the latest meteor news and as always please comment on any of the blogs on this site, if you have questions.

So relax, enjoy and keep your head up!

-Meteor Mark

12 thoughts on “Meteor Shower Silence Until Orion Screams

  1. My wife and I were laying in the grass beside a dying fire and I saw what I thought was a meteor and my wife saw a similar one shortly afterwards. Both were very fast, long, and faint and heading to the south. We are near Akron, Ohio and it was around 9:30 PM. Don’t know exactly what or from where they were. I see two possible showers listed above.

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for the comment. Not all meteors are associated with a meteor shower. Since I didn’t see it myself, it’s hard for me to determine what shower if any it was from. You can search my site for “sporadic meteor” by using the search button on the right. You may also want to check out the meteor glossary too.

    Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  3. I was standing on my porch in Irrigon Oregon sept 14 2010 and lookin east towards Mcnary dam I saw a huge white ball that fell and turned green, iI mean big, i thought it was a plane, now I see it was certainly a meteor. Unbelievably lucky i was to see it.

  4. Shana,

    Luckier than me. Thanks for the comment. Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  5. i walked outside and as soon as the door closed a bright orange meteor dropped from the clear night night sky ! it had a long fire trail behind it . so beautiful…started my long 12hr night shift off right !….I’m in southeast ky :)

  6. i was driving in waterford, michigan (near pontiac, mi) almost due west around 230am on 9-18-10 and approximately 45 degrees straight up from the ground we saw a bright fast lone comet. its shape seemed more of a “comma” than a comet. was this the “tail” end of the perseids comets? thanks, heidi and dan

  7. Heidi and Dan,

    Thanks for the comment. Please check the glossary on my site here for the definition of comets v. meteors. Not all meteors that we observe are part of meteor showers. There are meteors and fireballs that are considered sporadic, meaning they are just random space junk that may penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere without notice. The Earth is constantly bombarded every day by millions of meteoroids, some we see some we don’t and most go unreported. Sounds like you saw a really cool meteor! I hope my information helps.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  8. Around 5:45 am Sep. 14, I was driving west in The Dalles, OR. To the south I saw a big flash like lightning, then a long burning streak traveling northwest, from my point of view it seamed to go right over Mt. Hood, then burned much brighter and dissipated as I lost sight of it going over the hill tops. I’m wondering if anyone else saw this. maybe just space junk.?

  9. Im around Charlotte NC. My girlfriend has never seen a shooting star so I thought maybe I would take her to see a meteor shower before I propose. From what I understand, the Southern Tarudis is going to be prime for viewing on around the first of October. I was just wondering if you could offer some advice on where to go (mountains, or will just the back yard be ok, etc ?) and the chances of seeing a good shower. Being a pretty big moment, I just wanted to get some advice before I started planning. Thank you for your time!

  10. Matt,

    I will include some info about that in my next blog post. I will be putting up the October schedule in a few days. Check back with me and keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  11. We say 4 objects tonight in about a 15 minute span over northern New Mexico (near Albuquerque) around 9 PM local time. One was a bright green object (boloid?) heading north that seemed very low and slow and turned orange and broke apart. We say another object that looked to be a much farther away in a higher trajectory, also seemed to be heading north that started out bright yellow orange than just faded out. Both of the other objects looked to be coming more directly down. One of them green and the other a more conventionally looking “regular falling star”. I am wondering if it was meteors or pieces of a re-entry breakup. Anybody else see anything?