Leonids Meteor Shower Alert

Leonids Meteor ShowerThe Leonids Meteor Shower is peaking.

Please Check Out the MeteorBlog Home Page for more Leonids Meteor Shower Posts and take a look at the Meteor Shower Viewing Page and the Meteor Glossary Page located in the upper right hand corner.  For best viewing results one should be looking for the constellation Leo and observing in the pre-dawn hours closest to the peak.

I look forward to your meteor shower viewing comments and questions.  Keep your head up!

- Meteor Mark

Leonids Meteor Shower Peaks November 17th at 15:10 Universal Time

72 thoughts on “Leonids Meteor Shower Alert

  1. It is always, Always, ALWAYS cloudy in southwest Ohio during Leonid peak :( If one can not see the meteor shower peak for one reason or another, is it better to watch in the days pre or post peak. I think I’ve read somewhere on this website that there’s a precipitous drop off in the number of meteors post peak. Is that true for every meteor shower? Is it always best to view in the days before peak rather than after if one can’t make peak?

  2. Kirk,

    You’re right. Monday morning would be better than Wednesday morning with Tuesday morning best. I should add there is no guarantee or would I use the word “always” for meteor showers because they are so unpredictable.

    Keep your head up, the next three days will be active.

    – Meteor Mark

  3. Ken,

    I’m not sure of the time zone conversion, but the shower is active right now and will peak at 15:10 Universal Time on November 17th.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  4. Oh damn :(

    converting to 15:10GMT to my time zone here in Toronto, Canada, it looks like it will be peaking at 10:06am :|
    I read on your glossary that best times to view are usually around dawn but 10am… I’ll be lucky to see anything :(

    Maybe next shower lol

  5. Blackstone,

    Your time conversion is right. Please understand that this shower will be very active until the peak and even after the peak. Meteor showers are best seen in the morning, so even if the shower peaks during daylight you will still see lots of meteors in the morning pre-dawn hours before the peak if the skies are dark and clear.

    – Meteor Mark

  6. Kip,

    Keep your head up, it should get better and better.

    – Meteor Mark

  7. So I’m just starting to learn about the constellations. And am getting pretty into it. This will be my first meteor shower, and am curious in my time zone of 130 am, southwest virginia will I have missed it? Where do I look in the sky? Do I need a telescope? I know I’m so uneducated yet, but would highly appreciate everyones help!

  8. Krystal,

    People in North America should see the constellation Leo in the east and no telescopes are necessary for meteor showers. November 17th 1:30 AM in your time zone would be a good time to start observing up until it gets light outside. I know it gets confusing for people in different time zones, but we all can see meteors best in the early morning hours before dawn regardless of what time zone we live in. As long as it is dark and skies are clear you will see meteors. I was out observing this morning and saw a lot of activity. If you can see the stars of the Big Dipper you will be able to see meteors from this shower. They move extremely fast across the sky and will be all different colors.

    I have outlined general information for everyone included in the pages Meteor Shower Viewing and Meteor Glossary, please take a look at those. Your questions and comments are appreciated. If I don’t answer right away, it only means I’m out keeping my head up looking at the sky.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  9. Hi,

    I like to know if Leonids Meteor Shower will be seen in St. Louis, MO. If so, When and where? North will be ideal???

    I hear St. Louis is overcast and will raining tonight from the radio.

    What I should do?

    Thank you

  10. Boi,

    Please review the reply I made to Krystal.

    Hope for clear skies and keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  11. Hi, would I be able to see this in England? I live in the mid west, and would love to see my first meteor shower- any chance of that?

  12. Apple,

    Yes, absolutely and to the best of my knowledge, Leo is located in the west under Ursa Major aka the “Big Dipper” or “the Plough”.

    Hope this helps and keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark
    Meteor Shower

  13. I would love to see this. I have gotten a conversion of that time to be 11:00 in new york. I feel like thats wrong as i saw on nbc it was supposed to be at 4. what time would you suggest getting up? also if you could help me with converting this universal time i would be greatful

  14. im sorry, i see now i should get up at about 1:30. basically, just get up before dawn and after midnight.

  15. meteor mark, thanks much for all the great info you provide here! our conditions look perfect with clear and dark skies!! enjoy the show!

  16. What time would it be over in New Jersey? Just curious because people said it’s tonight.

  17. Hey all meteor gazers,

    The shower peaks in the morning of November 17th for people in the North America and South America. You may want to review this blog post and look at the countdown clock included in the post. The closer you get to the peak when it is still dark the better.

    – Meteor Mark

  18. will i need binoculars to find it? and how does a “noobie” figure out where leo is :$

  19. Paul,

    Noobs welcome! No binoculars necessary. Binoculars and telescopes will degrade your viewing chances. The more area of the sky you can see the better. Some people lay down flat on their backs and stare upwards.

    I’m not sure where you live, but Leo is near the Big Dipper.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  20. so i guess my best chance of seeing it would be to print out the formation of the stars? sorry for all the questions im kind of excited to see it. : P

  21. Paul,

    I’m glad you’re excited. The questions are great. Some of the sponsors on this site have software, you can also check out my Meteor Shop too. Since I answered your questions, I EXPECT :) to hear your report. I would say the easiest thing to do is look East near the Big Dipper if you’re in North America or South America, for people in Europe I believe the constellation Leo is in the western sky. Check out my Meteor Shower Viewing page for helpful tips. There are a lot of articles there that will help you. Just remember meteors will be seen anywhere in the sky, the radiant or Leo for this shower is where they will seem to originate from.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  22. Any ideas what’s the best time to look out for it in SF Bay Area? Is it only occurring today or is tomorrow a possibility as well?

  23. Hey Mark,
    Looks like it might turn out to be a good show in the a.m. Reallly wishing I was in Asia right now. :)
    Kids are excited and we are looking forward to it. Larry saw a big Fireball a week ago at about 6:45a.m. It was bright outside and it was still huge and visable. I was so jealous.
    I will post if we see anything in the morning. As I have said before, “Wishes on shooting stars with ur babies and making forever memories, What else can a Mother ask for”?
    As always, thanks for all the wondeful info.

    Keeping our heads up :)

  24. Meteor Mom,

    I think you’re right. This morning I was out looking and saw a lot so the morning of November 17th looks very promising. I always enjoy reading your comments and you seem to always remind me why it’s nice to help others enjoy meteor showers.


    Based on the time you posted your comment (5:40 PM on Nov 16th) the answer is yes the meteor shower is occurring today and tonight. However, the shower is peaking at 15:10 Universal Time or in the pre-dawn hours in California on November 17th. You may want to review the post you commented in, there is a countdown clock to the peak, the closer you get to the peak while it is still dark the better your viewing experience will be.

    Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  25. What do you mean 15:10 universal time..?

    so I live in USA..Where does that leave me.

  26. Hello..

    im so excited after know about this meteor shower.. it my first time experience so i now at malaysia tuesday 17.nov at 11.11 am. so i want ur help to tell me what is the best time in malaysia to watch this meteor shower. hope u can help me im not good in time change. really want to see it.

  27. Hello Hello….
    I’m just wondering if this meteor shower can be seen in Dallas? of course I will need to find a dark little country town nearby; but will it be visible over here?

  28. Kristen,



    I believe Malaysia is Universal Time +8 so that would mean before and after 23:10 November 17th into the morning hours of November 18th.


    Check the glossary on this site for the definitions and then calculate the best time in the morning of November 17th for USA residents, it must be dark. The post you commented in has a countdown clock within it, so anytime before that while it is still dark is good.


    In the morning of November 17th before the peak of 15:10 Universal Time, check this post or the countdown clock and review all of the comments. The glossary and meteor shower viewing page on my site may help you too.

    Thanks all, I’m off to start viewing so I won’t be answering comments for a while. My best advice is to look at the pages in the upper right hand corner and read all of the blogs on my home page. Pretty much everything you need to know has been outlined for you.

    Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  29. Hello I am visting New York and heard on the news that a metor shower was going to peak tonight… It’s about 10:55pm right now. We heard it would be around four but we didn’t know if it was tomorrow 4 or the day after 4.. We fisted the musem today and are now very into stars. And I have never seen a shooting star and I heard that this is the best time to see one….


  30. Hope,

    November 17th 4AM for New Yorkers. See the countdown clock in this post? Any time before that or shortly after that while it is dark is the best time.

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  31. Dorian,

    YAYA! I must stop replying and get out there, the meteor shower is happening now in Eastern Standard Time until the morning!

    Have fun and of course you’ll keep your head up, there’s meteors in the sky for everyone to see!

    – Meteor Mark

  32. Hello ,=( Saddly i might not be able to watch this one the cold front couldent wait 2 more days so it coming through tonight.
    hopfully these clouds will move out so i can watch.if not do you think ill have any luck tommorownight and early morning?

  33. What are the chances of me seeing anything in the St. Louis area (midwest) with steady rain coming down?

  34. I am here in a small montana town and it is around 9:30 now.. I was curious as to about what time the metor shower would be here if you had any idea! thanks

  35. Thanks MeteorMark! Gonna check the skies now…then off to bed for a few hours shut eye. Planning on waking my 5 yr old mid-morning and heading out. Crossing our fingers for clear skies. This will be our first meteor shower viewing!

  36. I live in Southern Ontario and i went out at around 20 minutes to 11 pm Eastern Time Zone on November 16th and i have been out there for about an hour and a half, I was looking over Lake Ontario and i didn’t see anything. Was i not out there long enough?

  37. Saw one 3:30am yesterday(New Jersey), it took my breath way :) good luck to everyone and enjoy!!!!

  38. i live in eastern glendive montana.. right now it is 10:34 and im not sure if its mountain time or not, do you know when about the meteor will hit? ive never seen one before and would like to try an see this one.. thanks

  39. Hey Meteor Man..almost game time…will I be able to take pictures of the meteors? Are they too fast to register on a camera? Thanks.

  40. hiya and thanks for your great info and time!!! i am in the bay area and will be going up on the roof – right next to several bright street lights but not in the east – to see if i can snap any pixs of meteors. while living in SW Spain, i saw MANY meteors during the year’s anuual two showers, but never a snap!! hoping my luck changes tonight! thanks again for your wealth of info and time!!!

  41. Hi Meteor Mark,

    I know you are probably out watching for the meteor shower already. I currently live in downtown Toronto and I dont have a car to drive to the outskirts of the city, I am EXTREMELY fascinated witha ll this meteroid stuff and Im wondering if I will still be able to see the shower even though the light pollution here downtown is horrible? What do you think?
    Hope your seeing some pretty cool stuff!! im crossing my fingers!

  42. Just came inside, we watched for 45 mins in NC tonight in the darkness with no clouds but didn’t see anything. oh well.

  43. Hey whats wondering i live in New Jersey 10 minutes away from atlantic city so im near the beach do you the best time to look up in the sky im trying to keep an eye through my window but wanna know a more certain time so i can go out. thank you :)

  44. I am in Santa Maria California and I would like to know when the shower will be at it’s peak here. I’d like to get some sleep on my school night if at all possible..

  45. Im from dallas, texas. When is the best time to watch it? its 3:50 AM now nov 17,2009. Ive been waiting and no single meteor i have seen?
    Please reply asap if possible. Thank you.

  46. I can see the constellations especially leo but i havent had a single glimpse of the meteor…

  47. Mr. Meteor,

    It is 6:00 AM here in Orlando FL, and the clouds just rolled out. I am preparing to go lay on my lawn and witness the marvel, post comment! My significant and I were out at around 4:00 AM and over the course of fifteen minutes saw four meteors (or shooting stars, as she likes to call them. Since you can’t wish on a burning meteor!) My eyes will be peeled, and I’ll be sure to report my sightings to the meteor blog. Thanks so much! Talk to you soon


  48. We did get to see some this morning. They are so bright. We are going to try again tomorrow. Do you think it will be busy tomorrow?

  49. I am with Kirk on this one, I have seen 1 meteor shower in Ohio it was absolutely amazing and can never seem to see another one as we always have cloud coverage during the peak. :( When is our next big one coming?

  50. Mr. Meteor

    Unfortunately, after thirty minutes beneath the stars, the sun rises, my hope diminishes, and my head falls. It’s too bad day light savings time is active, else I would be that much closer to the peak time. I’m very jealous of all who get the chance to witness this event, and tomorrow morning is just around the corner. Do you think that I will have a good chance in viewing tomorrow night, granted the skies are clear? I remember a few years back (3-5), my dad pulled me out of bed to get a glance of the spectacle. There was MUCH more activity then, but the objects seemed to remind me of each other. While there may have been color, I primarily remember the “light”, speed, and quick trail.

    You mentioned viewing in the morning, although that seems like a VERY small window. (30 minutes) Unless I bailed prematurely. The birds are chirping, and I can vaguely see a few stars. Of course I can see Venus, but other than that, I believe it would be hard to see a meteor in that light. If you could elaborate on the time of day, per se, that would be lovely, as I will try again tomorrow! Space just makes me kjabskldhas; when i think about it. It’s amazing. :)

  51. After doing some research, I am aware that tomorrow evening, the Leonids will not be active. All is well because I am on your mailing list. Any meteors should be directly reported to me!

  52. Is London in GB still OK for tonight provided the sky stays clear ?

  53. Can I still see any meteors tuesday night/wednesday morning? Im in NJ on the east coast.

  54. Brad,

    Yes, there is a chance for viewing more meteors tonight and tomorrow morning, but only if you keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  55. Jodie,

    Join the mailing list and bookmark the site, December and January are two “big ones!”

    – Meteor Mark

  56. Meteor Mom,

    Yes, there should be some, they’re very fast and bright, brilliant little critters, I might say.

    – Meteor Mark

  57. Elmo,

    Sorry was out watching meteors in 30 degree weather until dawn. Saw about 1 or 2 every three minutes.

    – Meteor Mark

  58. Michelle,

    45 minutes is a long time, meteors streak across the sky in less than a second sometimes.

    – Meteor Mark

  59. Hey Jimmy Man,

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on whether you can shoot faster than them. I’d say get a camera where you can leave the shutter open.

    – Meteor Mark