The Inauguration of the Leonids Meteor Shower November 10th 2008

November 2008 has been an eventful month for those thirsty to set their eyes on the Fireballs from the Southern Taurids. I delight in bringing the inhabitants of our Earth good news and have a surprise for you. The Northern Taurids will peak in the morning on November 12th and give us all another opportunity to catch a glimpse at the last of the “Halloween Fireballs” for November 2008. (You can read an article regarding the Halloween Fireballs here.)

Additionally, today November 10th is the start of the exalted Leonids Meteor Shower that in the past has provided Earthlings with dramatic swarms of meteors in our skies. The Leonids Meteor Shower will be active until November 23rd and will climax on November 17th (You can read an article regarding the Leonids Meteor Shower here.)

Please share your meteor watching experiences by adding your comments on the site and if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them for you.

Stay positive, the peak of the Leonids may produce dazzling results and as always keep your head up.

– Meteor Mark

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