December Meteor Shower Schedule

The Geminids Meteor Shower is the highlight of the month of December. I’m hoping it is as spectacular as it was last year. As you can see from the below meteor shower schedule, there are several meteor showers occurring this month!

Meteor Shower Start Maximum End ZHR
Phoenicids Nov 28 Dec 6 Dec 9 Variable
Puppid/Velids Dec 1 Dec 7 Dec 15 8+
Monocerotids Nov 27 Dec 9 Dec 17 Low (2+)
σ-Hydrids Dec 3 Dec 12 Dec 15 Low (2+)
Geminids Dec 7 Dec 14 Dec 17 120
Comae Berenicids Dec 5 Dec 20 & 29 Dec 29 5+
Ursids Dec 17 Dec 22 Dec 26 10

I will be writing some more blog posts about the Geminids Meteor Shower as well as giving you some meteor facts about all the meteor showers this month. In the meantime, mark your calendar, bookmark this site and keep your head up!

– Meteor Mark

30 thoughts on “December Meteor Shower Schedule

  1. There was a HUGE meteor last night over NJ. It travelled from east to west and left a long trail behind it.

    At first, I thought it was fireworks, but there was no noise.

  2. Chuck G,

    Awesome! Fireballs are very rare, consider yourself lucky!

    – Meteor Mark

  3. Saw large orange ball whizz past window at around10.30pm last night, Devon England. Was that a fireball?

  4. Jane,

    I guess it could be. I wasn’t there to see it. Fireballs are large meteors. You can review the glossary on my site for more definitions. (Meteor Glossary)

    Keep your head up.

    – Meteor Mark

  5. I saw a shooting star over Texas tonight in the northern sky traveling slightly north of west. It performed the most peculiar way; towards the end of its flight it changed direction upward (away from my viewing point as if to go back into space) then disappeared. Any chance you know about what showers can be seen over Texas right now? Also, any chance you know a phenomena that could make a shooting star curve?

    PS many people saw the same thing I did, though one claimed it moved in a wobble pattern (think high frequency sin curve) though I don’t believe anyone else saw that movement.

  6. A little more info:
    The flight was short, the tail was about half the length of the flight (not to sure on that one), the path looked straight until it curved about a quarter of a circle at the very end, it was definitely a curve and not an angle/corner, thicker than most meteors I’ve seen, it was a very bright white w/slight yellow tint, people I mention earlier confirm the curving

  7. Matt,

    As you mentioned, it is possible that the meteor or fireball grazed the Earth’s atmosphere and traveled back into space. I’ve seen meteors that appear to skip across the sky and seem to tumble back out of sight. Please check the meteor shower schedule in the post you commented in, but keep in mind that all meteor sightings don’t have to be associated with a meteor shower. You can use the search feature in the upper right hand corner to look for: sporadic and fireball. I’m sure you’ll find some of my old articles. Please also read the meteor glossary located in the top right corner too.

    Thanks for the comment, the Geminids Meteor Shower should be a great meteor shower this year for people in Texas as well as the rest of the world.

    – Meteor Mark

  8. Hello, found this site while searching “meteors”. was interested because my Son was on his way to work yesterday morning ( Dec 7th) and at around 6:04am (still dark out here) and say a HUGE ball of light (fire) with a long tail, he said it was very low, he thought it was lower than a plane would fly. He called me on his cell ph, so freaked out but very excited. we have seen shooting stars and satilights before but for him to get excited….It takes alot! we didn’t hear anything on the news and sometimes it is mentioned???? It was over the skies of Terryville, Ct. I told him he was very lucky to see such a sight!!!

  9. Rhonda,

    Great comment! In the morning is usually the best time to see fireballs and meteors! Keep your eyes on the skies and read my December Meteor Shower schedule for the Geminids Meteor Shower. We’re predicting a big show with up to 120 meteors per hour! I will posting more about the Geminids Meteor Shower in the next few days.

    You’re right, he is lucky to see a fireball, they’re rare and also usually go unreported.

    – Meteor Mark

  10. Last night (dec. 7th) I saw a huge green sparkley meteor shoot over northeastern Iowa towards the north. It was pretty cool but not as cool as the April 15th one I saw while camping in the Yellow River State Forest (Northeastern Iowa). That meteor started out small on the horizon and then got bigger and bigger as it came towards us, and as it got just about above us it stopped moving overhead and started coming down! Down down down bigger and bigger and brighter than anything I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely terrifying. I was completely certain it was going to land on us or smash into the bluff 50 yards away. The other most terrifying aspect of it was that it was completely silent. Enormous, bright, firey (it was green with a huge fizzy orange tail) and silent! And it wasn’t until about two minutes later that we heard two sonic booms shake the valley. Awesome and scary!

  11. In Wyoming 0n December 6th, 6:00 a.m. going north to Montana to hunt and saw a Huge fireball with large spark trails behind it. at first I thought it was an ariplane on fire! it was really low. Only lasted a few minutes. It was awesome. A great experience with me and my buddies.

  12. Kaija,

    Thank you for a vivid description, it sounds awe inspiring! Browse around the site and enjoy. Don’t forget to read the December Meteor Shower schedule and check back with me a few days before the peak. If you’ve enjoy what you read on the blog, please consider using the “A Coffee for Meteor Mark” section on the right. I will need coffee to keep me awake in the mornings whilst observing the Geminids!

    Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  13. Wednesday 8th December 2010…. I was travelling in my car, going north, along the M6 toll road, Midlands, UK. In front of me, travelling across the sky, from right to left, descending as it travelled (2-3 seconds) was a really bright light. It was so large and clear I could hardly believe my eyes. It was a semi circle with a tail of light on each side of the semi circle, flashing across the sky. Just before it disappeared the semi circle turned red for a split second.
    I was totally and utterly amazed. I have found one other person online tonight who has made a similar comment on a sighting in the midlands….. So I don’t think I am going mad!
    This was not like a shooting star, it was so much bigger and felt really close….
    What did I see? Did anyone else see it???! About 5.30-5.45pm or so….. did not check time….. too amazed!

  14. Caroline,

    This is a blog about meteors, from your description you may have seen a fireball which is a large meteor. Maybe someone else saw it too.

    – Meteor Mark

  15. Hi Caroline

    Not sure if I saw the same meteor or another, but coming back home from Boston in the East Midlands about 5:25pm I spotted a low fireball that lasted 2-3 seconds before it died out.

    One of my work colleagues spotted it too.

    It’s the second time I’ve seen one – the first time was a few years back and there was one travelling parallel to the M69 – it was so low I thought it it was a plane on fire.

  16. i wish its not true i don’t like the meteor shower its so scary i was frightened when i received a message from my sister that there is
    a meteor shower after 10 months i was so afraid i just want to know where it will land……

  17. MM,

    I have a question about the Geminids Shower schedule. It says the maximum is Dec 14. Does that mean the a.m. hours of Dec 14? I’m visiting central Florida right now and am wondering which hours of night I would get the best show and what part of the sky I should be concentrating on.


  18. Mark,

    I apologize for the ignorance of my question! First time on your website (great, by the way) and I went straight to the December Schedule, and thus to the blog entries instead of reading the info on your home page. So, I’m heading outdoors!
    woo hoo!

  19. 12/14/10. va 12:55am it was a brite blue and white meteor that burned what looked to be all the way to the ground. Do they burn certine colors by the materials they concist of?

  20. Viewers,

    Thanks for all the comments, this is certainly a great shower and there may be a short repeat early in January. The Quadrantids are usually pretty good too. Shawn, I wrote an article regarding colors a while ago. I should probably get around to writing another.

    Shawn, check the search feature in the upper right hand corner or this link: Meteor Facts – Colors

    Glen, it is a truly spectacular event, a bit exciting sometimes, I think even Dave was excited! No problem Kathleen, keep your head up!

    Thanks for all the comments,

    See you in January for the Quadrantids, check the meteor schedule for December there are some other MINOR events happening

    – Meteor Mark

  21. Mark,

    Thought with the dumb comments I sent I like to let you know that my husband and I were out from 1:15 till 3:00 last night and saw 114, one leaving a trail like a jet stream that lasted several seconds after the meteor was gone. Being in central FL, we had Gemini directly over our heads so we were dizzy trying to see them all as they radiated in all directions around us. Pretty freakin awesome. I like your website and is definitely in my faves.


  22. Kathleen,

    Wow, that’s awesome. The trail is called a “persistent train” and they are described a little more in detail in the meteor glossary on this site.


    Thanks for the comment.


    I think you’ll be happy to know that there is virtually a meteor shower every month, some are worth viewing more than others!

    Keep your heads up everyone,

    – Meteor Mark!

  23. I was surprised to see so many last night from 9:40pm to 12:00pm!! I’m pretty sure I missed quite a few as I went back and forth from my house, but during the times I did see them, I saw 12 beautiful shooting stars! My first and best event on seeing a meteor shower! From Calgary, Canada =]

  24. in the night of December 14, I saw 28 meteors, and it was totally great! I’m from Philippines and I love how it came visible to my place, because we’re in a high land area. Actually, one of my most memorable part is when I saw this remarkable meteor that came almost above our house because it so bright, and I actually saw its dust trail…and it’s color is like a cool blue :)

  25. Did ANYONE see the lights in the sky over San Diego North County coastal area last night? We watched for over an hour, from about 8 p.m. to past 9. There was some slight overcast. It wasn’t a “shower” per se, but pale lights dancing in different directions. Someone please tell me I was not hallucinating!!!

  26. Meteor Mark,
    I can’t really say. They did not look like “falling stars”, but it was certainly interesting. I hope it was not something idiotic like “searchlights”, instead of some heavenly phenomenon. They did not seem to be bright enough to be searchlights. BK

  27. on monday december 20th 2010 at 9:0 p.m. central time i saw a huge silver bright ball traveling south leaving behind a very long trail of orange. it last around 10-15 seconds. no noise no news of impact. however it was very close and very vivid. what did i see? comet meteorite or just a ball of fire? i’ve tried googling to see if there was record of something. never in my 26 yrs have i myself seen something of this sort and i am very curious as to what it was so that i can tell my kids one day what i saw. too vivid too bright to be a shooting star or falling star.

  28. Dominique,

    Thanks for the comment. Please read the glossary on this site there are distinct differences between meteorites, comets, etc. It is located in the upper right hand corner of the page. It may have been a fireball.

    – Meteor Mark