Car Sized Meteor Falls toward Earth

As American Automobile Manufacturer’s stock prices nosedive on Monday October 6th, ironically a car size meteor tumbles toward the Earth over a countryside quarter of Sudan on the same day. Once the meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere it created a huge fireball that had the equivalent explosion force of over a kiloton of TNT. The meteor is not believed to actually hit Earth before it disintegrated into the sky.

This was an excellent opportunity for scientists to test the accuracy of new celestial object tracking methods in the event that a larger object was to threaten the Earth. There have been few witnesses to the event because of the remoteness of where the meteor fell. – Meteorite Hunting, Collecting, News And Information Blog.

21 thoughts on “Car Sized Meteor Falls toward Earth

  1. Between 9:00 and 9:30 PM on the evening of October 9th 2008, I spotted a large light streaking across the sky which resembeled a meteor. It was visible for about 5-7 seconds before it disappeared. This was in the south suburbs of Chicago Illinois, USA. Can anyone give me anymore info?

  2. I live in uk and on 19/11/2008 around 6 am looking out my window saw a large shooting star (meteor) heading north i live east yorkshire just wondering if anyone eles saw this .

  3. I saw a very bright green meteor streak across the sky on November 26, 2008. It stayed visible for about 4-5 seconds. It was very strange. I’ve seen many meteors, but never one that was this bright, or this green. And when I say green, I do not mean it had like a tint of green, I mean it was neon green. Also it was much larger than I have ever seen a meteor. I live about 100 miles SW of Chicago. Does anyone have any information about this? Or did anyone else see it?

  4. I saw that exact same meteor while driving from Minneapolis to northern WI last night, which was Nov 26th, 2008 around 7:30pm. There was a bright flash, followed by a red fire like ball with a tail that looked like a drawn out rainbow. After 2 seconds the long strand of rainbow turned into a gold dust then vanished. I had never seen anything like this before.

  5. We saw the same meteor that Toir and Jessica described as we were headed north on Hwy 294 outside of Chicago. There was no mention of it on the local news and I am surprised–it was an intense green and almost looked like a firework trail on steroids–definitely stood out in the night sky!! It was spellbinding.

  6. I saw a small meteor very low in the sky in my backyard in uptown Minneapolis at about 3am on December 11th, 2008. It was just your normal white/blue, and it entered my vision through my 3rd story apartment’s picture window just above tree level in an arc trail of light that stopped about 30 feet above the ground. So obviously it didn’t make it to the ground. Very weird to see that right through my window when I randomly looked out of it. If it had been fifty feet closer to my position it would hit my roof, which would have been no big deal since it was so tiny and completely dissipated at about the height of my roof.

  7. Chris,

    Really? That is completely amazing, did you hear a crackling nosie or anything?

    – Meteor Mark

  8. Jessica, My son and I saw the same thing on Nov 27th at 8:20 PM, I was driving north on Hwy 51 between Wausau and Merrill. A bright flash and then the streak across the sky from east to west.

  9. Hello All,

    This article is related to a meteor/fireball that fell over the Sudan.

    Meteor Mark

  10. I seen a meteor on january 4,2009 I was on the I -90(jane adams highway) coming from rockford I’ll to chicago I seen it light up a green lime color and it was like for maybe 7 secs… I belive the suburb it landed in was huntley or woodstock. Not sure but I would like to knwo if any one might know more

  11. Jon,

    As far as I know, there have been no reported meteorite impacts in Illinois. I will keep on the lookout for any information. Hopefully someone sees this post in your area and can add more information.

    – Meteor Mark

  12. I saw what i beleive was a meteor fall from the sky at about 12:10am this morning. I was driving in beaverton OR down a long street and saw it fall from the sky, looked like a big ball of fire with a streak of light coming up from the top of it like it was falling very fast. Looked like maybe it was the size of a small car but couldnt really tell because it was probably very far away but looked like it was close because it looked big from where i was watching it fall, did anyone else see it? Ive been trying to find info onine but havent found anyone talk about it. :) Looked really cool though :)

  13. Sarah,

    Sounds pretty spectacular. Thanks for the comment about your fireball sighting.

    Keep your head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  14. I was standing at Coxwell and Gerrard in Toronto at about 8:30 pm last night Saturday Feb 14 and saw what I think was a meteor move across the sky and break up in a flash of fragments in the north west sky. I’ve never seen a meteor, so Im wondering if there are any other reports of it

  15. John,

    I haven’t heard any yet, I will keep my head up!

    – Meteor Mark

  16. On Feb 13, 2009 I was on a dock at lake harris near Tavares, FL around 6 pm.
    I saw what I thought might be a jet heading SE with a long trail of smoke behind it, but it did not leave an after trail like those high ones usually do and the trail was unusually long. I watched it for awhile and I noticed several pieces break or flare off, it had to be a meteor or something on reentry. It traveled across the sky as long as I watched, 5 min or more, till it disappeared into the distance.
    If it was a meteor it had to of hit somewhere, it did not burn up.
    Did anyone else see something like this on that day?

  17. Tom,

    This sounds like a Jet. It would be rare for a meteor to remain in the sky for 5 minutes.

    – Meteor Mark

  18. Not entirely true if coming in at a shallow angle. I saw one years ago that I watched for several minutes till it passed from site and it was definitely a meteor, it was low and had a large fire trail and smoke pouring off it. Was a big ball of fire, lol.

  19. Tom,

    You are right, if a meteoroid skims the atmosphere it can start to “burn” and remain in the sky for a longer duration. As I said, it is rare. About thirty years ago I saw a fireball that went from horizon to horizon, since then I haven’t seen one that matched that time frame.

    – Meteor Mark

  20. Last night Saturday June 20th at around 10pm my boyfriend spotted a huge ball of fire in the sky… I believe it was a meteoroid. It passed over us then out of view for a period of a few minutes. We have both never seen anything like it. Oh we live just outside of Portsmouth, UK.


  21. Hayley,

    Sounds cool. Check out the glossary in the upper right hand corner.

    – Meteor Mark